1. When Will My Order Be Shipped?

Your order will be shipped within 2 business days from the date of purchase.

If your order is placed after 5:00pm EST on Friday through Sunday, your order will be shipped
next upcoming business day

2. What Are Dream Supply Co.’s Social Media?

Instagram: _dreamsupplyco_
Snapchat: dreamsupplyco
Facebook: Eric Hanson / Dream Supply Co.

3. Where Is My Order?

After your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email along with your tracking
number. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us at

4. How Can I Reach Dream Supply Co?

You can contact Dream Supply Co. at contact@dreamsupplyco.com

5. How Often Are Dream Supply Co.’s Clothing Drops?

Right now Dream Supply Co. plans to have a new clothing drop about every 1-2 months however, if you subscribe to our social media, you’ll be the first ones to know about the new drop!

6. What Is Your Return Policy?

Sorry to hear you don’t like our product, if you would like to return the product, please contact us at
contact@dreamsupplyco.com and you can return your item free of charge